requirement document for study abroad:


Some Universities require copies of High (Secondary) school certificates with transcripts translated .for example All universities in ukraine  require student to  translate his/her documents into Ukrainian language and also  if you are applying to study in a Ukraine university  you are required to translate the High (Secondary) school certificate and transcripts into Ukrainian.

Official translation of documents in Ukraine is carried out by special translation agencies with subsequent notarization.

For  you to get  Ukraine Student Visa to study in ukraine a student needs to have the following documents to be translated  into Ukrainian language:

  1. Original of birth certificate
  2. Original of school-leaving certificate of secondary
  3. Medical certificate of general fitness legalized
  4. Results of HIV/AIDS
  5. Passport

BUT If applying for masters, postgraduate  or  PHD.

      6. All degree(s) and transcripts should be translated into Ukrainian language.


  • personal approach
  • maintaining confidentiality
  • certified translation


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